A list of the hottest coins on Twitter if you missed out on Dogecoin

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We’ve seen most of the top coins on Twitter, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash. Today we’ll be covering Dogecoin, which has gained a lot of traction lately.

With the market cap of Dogecoin now hitting over $12,000,000, it may seem like there are a multitude of cryptocurrencies to keep track of. However, only a handful have managed to catch on with the general public. One of the most popular is Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that is known for its friendly community and cute dog memes, and was started in 2013.

You were probably shocked to see that Dogecoin (DOGE) blew up in value last year. It was the year of the meme, and the year when a Shiba Inu won a NASCAR race. Dogecoin was the choice for a lot of new users, and many people tried to get into it, but it’s not easy. There are so many currencies in the world, and they all have different uses. Enter Dogecoin. It is an alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin, and it’s much easier to get started with.. Read more about bitpanda twitter and let us know what you think.List of the hottest coins on Twitter if you missed Dogecoin | if you missed Dogecoin Summary of the situation

  • The craze surrounding Dogecoin began on Twitter itself.
  • On Twitter, crypto currency enthusiasts believe they can send any coin to the moon.
  • FOMO and FUD are responsible for huge price spikes.

It wasn’t Elon Musk who put Dogecoin on the moon, it was the entire Twitter platform. It has tremendous power, provided that crypto-currency groups and crypto-currency enthusiasts decide to pay attention to crypto-currency tokens. Not all crypto-currencies like Dogecoin are skyrocketing, but we should keep an eye on some of the trendiest crypto-currencies. The cryptocurrency market is heavily influenced by cryptotwitter, and while it is impossible to understand, it is possible to profit from it.

List of the hottest and most talked about plays on Twitter

  1. Telcoin (TEL): The volume of mentions of Telcoin on Twitter seems to have increased by 300%. In a short period of time (about 10 days), Telcoin made what you might call a huge jump from a value of $0.01 to $0.05. This jump in price in just 10 days has increased the popularity of the coin, and you can see that the number of mentions of the coin has increased significantly. On two separate occasions, the piece was mentioned 3,000 times on social media.
  2. Polygon (MATIC) : Another widely recognized and one of the most talked about coins in the world, which has been gaining ground recently. With an increase of around 240%, Polygon token entries are well worth their price. The coin went from $0.08 to $2.4 in a few days. Despite the harshness of his fall, he recovered with equal speed.
  3. iExec (RLC): The number of mentions this piece has received is enormous. The 711% increase in mentions of the coin shows that it is a potential investment for many investors. The price of the coin also follows its popularity.
  4. Solana (SOL) : Another fun token that increased mentions on Twitter by about 525%. This month, the number of mentions of the coin has quadrupled, while the price has also risen. The 19th. In May, the number of tweets from the currency quadrupled from 5,000 to 20,000 and also reached an all-time high of $58.
  5. Ethereum Classic (ETC): The number of CTE mentions has increased significantly, about 325%. The reason for so many mentions is the coin’s price hike from $40 to $160 before the massive collapse of the cryptocurrency market.

Twitter’s influence on currency price movements

With the large number of mentions on Twitter, investors are beginning to believe that the value of the currency could rise dramatically. As a result, they suffer from what is called FOMO, or the fear of missing out on something. Influenced by this FOMO, a large number of investors enter the market and buy these coins. This eventually leads to an increase in the price of the currency and thus its rise to the moon. This has led to a sharp increase in the price of Dogecoin. Elon Musk’s tweets and people’s reaction to them have driven the price of the currency from near zero to nearly a dollar. A list of the hottest coins on Twitter if you missed out on Dogecoin In vain Show all results This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to the use of cookies. See our privacy and cookie policy. Sync and corrections by n17t01Being the world’s biggest meme, Dogecoin has catapulted itself into the limelight. But, while the coin’s wild success has wowed cryptonauts, many of the market’s other coins have remained silent. And this is a shame, because many of these other coins have their own unique features, making them worth investing in. From the Winklevoss twins to the world’s first utility, here are the hottest coins in the world.. Read more about bitpanda fees and let us know what you think.

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