Bitcoin Capital AG launches two crypto ETPs on SIX Swiss Exchange

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Bitcoin Capital AG, the leading Swiss digital asset manager and blockchain investor, has launched two ETPs on SIX Swiss Exchange. The first is a futures contract for bitcoin with a minimum price of USD$10k and an initial volume of 100 units traded per day. It was followed by ethereum with a minimum price of EUR€1400 and 200 units traded per day.

The “future of cryptocurrency 2021” is a new company that has just launched two crypto ETPs on the Swiss SIX exchange. The company is called Bitcoin Capital AG and they hope to be the first in the world to offer an ETP for cryptocurrencies.


On the SIX Swiss Exchange, Bitcoin Capital AG launched two new exchange-traded products: the FiCAS Active Bitcoin ETP (BTCB) and the FiCAS Active Ethereum ETP (ETHB), both of which are actively managed by FICAS AG.

Institutional, professional, and private investors in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and the European Union (except Hungary) may now invest in the new offers via their bank or broker, just as they do with other publicly traded financial assets like shares or bonds.

“Our goal is to provide investors with secure and simple access to digital assets, and we believe that crypto assets will soon be a part of many investment portfolios’ diversification strategy,” says Dr. Luca Schenk, chairman of Bitcoin Capital AG. “Through active management, the two new products with the most important cryptocurrencies as underlying may lower overall portfolio risk by decreasing underlying volatility.”

Swiss SIX Exchange Adds Actively Managed Bitcoin ETP to Its Offerings

The development of Bitcoin Capital AG’s new offerings aims to appeal to a broader spectrum of investors at a time when interest in cryptocurrencies is on the rise. Bitcoin (BTC) has just reached new all-time highs, hitting $68,789.63, while Ether (ETH) is also gaining popularity.

Bitcoin Capital AG, situated in Zug, Switzerland, is a family office and a FiCAS AG subsidiary. Bitcoin Capital AG launched the “Bitcoin Capital Active ETP,” an actively managed Bitcoin ETP, on the SIX Swiss Exchange in July. 

Exchange-traded products abound, but cryptocurrency still lacks an ETF.

In contrast to crypto ETFs, which are 100 percent backed by the assets they follow, an ETP is a derivative product that trades based on investment instruments such as a commodity, currency, share price, or interest rate.

Several crypto ETPs have been produced after the world’s first crypto ETP was issued on the Swiss SIX Exchange in late 2018. Amun’s Crypto Basket ETP (HODL) was originally launched in 2018, and it follows five main cryptos. The Polkadot ETP was introduced to the market in February 2021.

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