Chasing the DeFi hype and ‘apeing’ in yield farms with crypto personality Matthias Mende

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As one of the earliest investors in the space, I’m happy to invest in projects that I believe in, but I’m also not afraid to admit when I make a mistake. I thought it would be valuable to share my journey with the community, and I hope it can benefit others who are eager to enter the crypto world. Let me start with where I got it wrong: I bought into the hype and invested in projects that I thought would be successful, even though I wasn’t sure about the underlying technology. I thought the team might be able to pull it off, but in the end I was wrong.

The words “HODL” and “to the moon” are probably the most iconic memes of the past ten years. In fact, “to the moon” became so ubiquitous that it was listed in the 2012 edition of the Guinness World Records as the most used meme ever.

Matthias Mende, chief strategist at Block Gemini and founder of MEMMOS, is a crypto entrepreneur and socialite from Dubai who believes in founders’ stories. He says that business leadership is synonymous with thought leadership, and that when people get to know the founders, they gain confidence in what is being created.

Today, Mende sat down with Alex Fasel, host of the crypto entertainment channel CryptoNites, to talk about bitcoin, decentralized finance (DeFi), and profitable agriculture in a 38-minute podcast, as well as discuss his own journey in the crypto sphere.

The road from his childhood to today has not been smooth for him. I came here (to Dubai) in 2007 because I am a born entrepreneur. So I made money and sold Kinder Surprises when I was nine, he says in the podcast, explaining how he was gripped by entrepreneurial fever in those early years.

Here’s a clip of the whole thing!

Defi speaking to Mende

Yield farming is a new (old?) crypto game where token holders mine their tokens to deliver cash to a decentralized crypto exchange or other DeFi protocol and earn a share of the commission.

And with yields on some farms reaching 1,000% a year, farming has turned into a feast for the eyes over the past year. Some critics, perhaps rightly so (there are many scammers in this business), have commented negatively on the whole enterprise, but as far as Mende is concerned, farming is a relatively safe profession.

Personally, I like growing commercial crops because it is very profitable and safe. I think they are safe for anyone to use. It’s just a little complicated, he said.

I really like Aav. I like the cream. I even like sushi. But personally, I also like decentralized exchanges. And one of my favorite remedies is the serum, he added.

Serum is a DEX based on Solana’s high-speed blockchain, with a transaction processing speed of over 65,000 per second!

And the great thing is that they made it so that the code is copyable. And they’ve done something that would encourage people to create multiple DEXs with money from the base serum, which is kind of a pool where all the money is pooled, Mende said, adding something about how the serum works.

To that end, he has his eye on Polkadot, another lightning-fast blockchain project that has ambitions to become a blockchain. Polkadot is a very good blockchain and all of Polka’s projects are very interesting, Mende said, adding:

and Synthetix is very interesting. I mean, there’s really a lot of, you know, how many of these, these technologies, these tokens, (and) they’re still getting better, they’re still coming out.

(Now watch the rest of the program, which you can watch in its entirety).

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Chasing the DeFi hype and ‘apeing’ in yield farms with crypto personality Matthias Mende

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