Jury in Craig Wright lawsuit ‘cannot all agree on a verdict’

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After two days of deliberation, the jury in the Craig Wright vs. Ethereum/Ethereum Classic trial failed to reach a verdict and was dismissed from further consideration.

The “latest on craig wright” is a jury in Craig Wright’s lawsuit has reached an impasse. The jury cannot all agree on a verdict.

Jury in Craig Wright lawsuit ‘cannot all agree on a verdict’


If jurors remain deadlocked, the legal battle between Australian Craig Wright and the estate of his now-deceased friend David Kleiman over legal rights to tens of billions of dollars in Bitcoin generated by Satoshi Nakamoto might result in a mistrial.

Wright says he created Bitcoin under the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. The dispute started in 2018, when the estate of his colleague Kleiman sued him, claiming the two were partners who conceived and mined Bitcoin together.

The jury was tied at 5 p.m. UTC on Nov. 2 and made the following statement:

“Unfortunately, we are unable to reach a resolution, and we are unable to reach a consensus on any of the issues.”

According to court reporter Carolina Bolada of Law360, the jury was still tied as of 10 p.m. UTC and will reconvene tomorrow.

Judge Beth Bloom issued an Allen Charge, requiring the jury to keep debating until a decision is reached. “I recommend that you revisit and rethink all of the material in light of the court’s legal directions,” she stated.

However, if the jury is unable to reach a decision, the judge may declare a mistrial.

The case has a lot riding on it. Both sides claim that Wright is Satoshi, but they disagree over who owns the 1.1 million Bitcoin (BTC) that were mined at the moment. That 1.1 million BTC is now worth $62,568,836,000.

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Ira Kleiman, David’s brother, testified in court on behalf of the estate, claiming that Wright had broken an oral agreement with David to mine Bitcoin and develop its technology jointly.

Wright maintains that there was no such collaboration, and that Kleiman did nothing more than review the Bitcoin whitepaper since he was not a developer and could not debug the Bitcoin code.

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In a lawsuit against Craig Wright, the jury in the case was unable to agree on a verdict. The judge declared a mistrial and ordered a new trial. Reference: dr craig wright net worth.

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