Memecoin Floki Inu bags promotion on Dubai’s Burj Khalifa

Floki Inu is the new cryptocurrency for meme lovers. The company aims to build an ecosystem of communities that will effectively read, write and share memes in a meaningful way.

The “floki inu price prediction” is a cryptocurrency that was introduced on January 1, 2018. The coin has been trading at around $0.0065 and the current market cap is $13 million.

The team behind Floki Inu will leave no stone unturned in their efforts to ensure that the meme currency and the crypto sector are fully integrated into the global awareness.

Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu dog-inspired enterprise is being marketed atop the world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa, in their newest marketing attempt.

On the Burj Khalifa, Floki Inu

According to a post from the crypto asset’s official Twitter account, the meme currency will be shown atop the famous Burj Khalifa skyscraper on December 3rd, 2021, at 8:40 p.m. Dubai time/4:40 p.m. UTC.


Atop December 3rd, 2021, at 8:40 p.m. Dubai time/4:40 p.m. UTC, $FLOKI will have a big display on the Burj Khalifa in what will be a historic campaign reflective of our strategic aim to dominate the Middle East.

30 November 2021 — Floki Inu (@RealFlokiInu)

It went on to say that the show was timed to coincide with the UAE’s biggest National Day festivities, which is when the building is typically designated for official, government, and royal family events in the Middle Eastern nation.

The initiative would get a new degree of visibility in this manner, and it would be able to pique the curiosity of the powerful. Floki Inu would also be the first advertisement atop the 2,722-foot-tall tower to utilize the term “cryptocurrency.”

According to the company, the commercial will help to solidify the crypto asset’s reputation as a serious initiative while also legitimizing it in the eyes of the crypto community.

The previous marketing stunt by Floki Inu

While this latest prank looks to be the most daring yet done by the Floki Inu’s marketing team, the project has already had a number of other tantalizing marketing activities this year.

We recently learned that the meme coin has inked an agreement with Italian Serie A club Napoli to have its emblem displayed on the back of the team’s shirt till the conclusion of the season. Kerala Blasters of the Indian Super League and Cádiz of the Spanish LaLiga both use its logo.

Aside from its sports marketing endeavors, the coin has also been seen on the London Underground transit system, causing officials to be concerned.

Memecoin Floki Inu bags promotion on Dubai’s Burj Khalifa


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Memecoin Floki Inu bags promotion on Dubai’s Burj Khalifa

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