Metamining Uses An Innovative Cooling Solution To Make Bitcoin Mining Farms Viable In The Middle East

A new cooling solution is currently being used by Metamining, a company that makes mining farms for Bitcoin in the Middle East. This innovative system provides more power savings and even lower operation costs than traditional mining methods in this region.

“The bitcoin mining cooling system” is an innovative solution that Metamining has come up with to make Bitcoin mining farms viable in the Middle East.

Metamining Uses An Innovative Cooling Solution To Make Bitcoin Mining Farms Viable In The Middle East


22nd December 2021, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Chainwire

Metamining is a Bitcoin mining company with over 30,000 computers that protects the network and collects BTC block rewards. The company is spread around the Middle East, where it can take advantage of low-cost power. These units, on the other hand, do not need air conditioning and are kept cool by a six-times more energy-efficient “water curtain” technology. 

The firm just declared that it has become one of the most lucrative Bitcoin mining enterprises in the world. With the Middle East’s inexpensive power prices and a new collaboration to fund growth and IPO structuring aid, the future seems even brighter.  

An enterprise of this size requires future growth possibilities as well as consistent upkeep. Sarah Sacrispeyre, the creator and engineer of Metamining, has devised a method to do this. She is able to save money and improve overall maintenance and efficiency in existing operations by using a modular approach, while yet allowing for future development. 

Sarah Sacrispeyre founded Metamining with the help of her husband, a Business Angel who previously sold his insurance company.

Ariane Capital has collaborated with Metamining to fund its current and future growth. Ariane Capital will also assist Metamining with the structuring of their impending Initial Public Offering (IPO). Going public will draw greater attention to the bitcoin market while also emphasizing the energy-efficiency of a mining operation in a hot area. Due to growing humidity, two of the twelve months of the year provide a problem. 

The husband-and-wife duo sponsored all of MetaMining’s early infrastructure, enabling them to maintain a close eye on the business and develop it over time. They now operate many mining farms around the area, bringing in thousands of BTC each month. Because conventional buildings take months to set up, using Algeco containers to bring gear online as fast as feasible is critical. Mining may start in a matter of days using these containers. 

MetaMining processes are very energy-efficient because to the usage of water curtains. Almost all of the power is going to online hardware and hashing rather than cooling systems, enabling operations to extend indefinitely. Bitmain ASICs are used to power the hardware.

Because mining profitability favors one over the other, the firm exclusively mines bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Both ecosystems, however, employ the same algorithm, allowing for easy switching between chains and pools as necessary. 

Metamining is a term that refers to the process of mining

Metamining is the world’s greenest and most environmentally friendly mining enterprise. The firm is headquartered in Dubai and employs approximately 30,000 Bitmain-powered devices.


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The “best cooling system for mining rig” is an innovative solution that has been created by a company called Metamining. This solution allows them to make bitcoin mining farms viable in the middle east.

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