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The fascination with non-fictional tokens (NFTs) has taken over the blockchain space as more and more people turn to this unique sector. The ability to sell art and symbolize real value has led to tremendous growth in the NFE industry, with record sales of NFEs in recent weeks.

However, so far NMTs have been issued for personal use or by large companies and organisations. Metis, a project focused on the development of decentralized autonomous enterprises (DAEs), plans to introduce a new concept with the launch of its very first NMT, called Rebuild the Tower of Babel.

First Public impression NFT

NFT Restoration of the Tower of Babel will bring together a community of motivated donors. Participants in the NFT program take part in five main phases: Reserve Poultry Nest, NFT Claim Tribe, Meat Hunt, Auction and NFT Community Awards.

Community members participating in the Bird Drop phase may discover a mysterious box containing three cards. Each card comes with a price for mining power. The mining capacity represents the rate at which users can mine Metis tokens within the incentive pool that will be launched at the end of the NMT community project. The vast majority of prizes offer 1x mining power, while some lucky winners receive 3x mining power.

In addition to the bonus cards offered, participants will have the opportunity to create a Tribe on the Metis blockchain and receive Metis tokens via Bird Drops as an incentive. Stems are an important aspect of the Métis NFT ecosystem and a means of increasing the production capacity of the stimulated pool.

Participants can recruit friends and other tribe members to build trust in the tribe, with recruiters receiving Metis coins as an incentive. Also: The higher the confidence of the tribe, the stronger the withdrawal force. Each tribe can have up to 15 members, creating a fair and transparent system for all participants.

The fall of the birds will last five days. At the end of this phase, the NFT community project will result in a large NFT artwork entitled Restoring the Tower of Babel. The work will consist of 256 puzzles, each representing a different tribe. Any member of a tribe may claim a fragment of the NFT representing that particular tribe. The more the work is claimed, the more it arises, until it is fully revealed.

Once the artwork is submitted, information about the tribes and their members will be printed on the final NFT. Because NMT is built on a blockchain, it will map the contributions and information of community members, immutably and forever.

Once the reconstruction of the Tower of Babel is complete, the NMT will be auctioned on OpenSea’s NMT marketplace, with 70% of the proceeds going to contributors and the remaining 30% to the artist (StarCloud AI).

Interested participants can register to form their tribe at

A milestone for Métis

This is an important development for Metis as it seeks to create a broader, community-driven NMT platform that provides incentives for all participants. The Rebuilding the Tower of Babel project will be a major event that will demonstrate the diversity of MNT in the Métis ecosystem and encourage public participation in MNT initiatives.

Elena Sinelnikova, CEO and co-founder of Metis, believes that the project will demonstrate the power of local communities in building the NFT. We may speak different languages and come from different cultures, but people around the world can achieve amazing things through decentralized collaboration. We are excited to restore the Tower of Babel and show the power of communities coming together.

Metis is a platform for creating an easy-to-use, scalable and affordable Layer 2 framework for applications and enterprises to move from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. The protocol supports a wide range of applications, including decentralized exchange trading, agriculture and lending via dApps, enabling fast and low-cost payments.

Methis makes it easy for developers and creators to build decentralized applications, communities, and autonomous enterprises (DAEs) with pre-loaded, easy-to-use tools, without the high costs and limitations of the Ethereum network. For more information about Metis, visit To view the company’s demo application for the phase 2 alpha test, visit

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