Permissionless staking and farming comes to Solana (SOL) with Step Finance

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Solana (SOL) is on route to becoming one of the most promising projects in crypto. With their new approach, they are simplifying staking and automating processes so brands can get customers involved with content creation without any pre-requisite requirements or hardware requirements. Their recent partnership with Step Finance will give their users an opportunity to earn interest while playing games like Fortnite which has generated $2 billion revenue for Epic Games since launching it’s multiplayer mode back in September 2017.

The “solana staking rewards” is a new way of earning money in the cryptocurrency world. The company Step Finance has created a platform that allows people to stake their coins and earn passive income.

Step Finance, Solana’s “first page,” has introduced the industry’s first farm creator, allowing projects to form emissions pools directly from Step’s website, leveling the playing field for large and small projects alike and providing high DeFi yield and earning prospects to all Solana projects.

DeFi is easier on Solana.

Although DeFi allows for the elimination of the intermediary in financial transactions, many crypto projects face hurdles to entrance, such as an approval procedure and costly fees, which hinder projects from establishing their own emissions pools.

With the Step Finance farm creator, projects can create their own emissions pools on Steps’ website, creating a seamless new revenue stream for themselves and token holders to deposit into, demonstrating how it’s never been easier to be your own bank and use high yield earning strategies to grow your treasury.

“We’re attempting to provide tools that are both accessible and simple to use.” Step Finance co-founder George Harrap said in a statement that projects shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to build carbon pools. “We created a streamlined approach where anybody can list through Step’s webpage,” he said.

“Step isn’t only for developers; anybody can now utilize Step Finance to access Solana’s wide range of liquidity alternatives,” he said.

More recent breakthroughs

The Step Farm Creator paves the way for future ideas, like as the ability to airdrop your token to new users through a farm, to help the blossoming Solana ecosystem expand and thrive.

To build their farms, projects may employ xStep tokens, a yield-earning Solana native token, as collateral.

While the price of SOL has risen over 13,000 percent year to date, the ecosystem has seen a large increase in users in the second half of this year, and many Solana projects are seeking for methods to diversify their treasuries and give users with use for their money.

This is the first DeFi project to enable permissionless farming, putting the power in the hands of the project.

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Permissionless staking and farming comes to Solana (SOL) with Step Finance

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