Ripple Reveals Its Plans For Achieving Carbon Net-Zero Within Ten Years

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In the 1990s, the World Wide Web was a mere dream. The web had been first imagined in the 1960s by computer scientists such as Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau. In 1991, Cailliau wrote a proposal for a web of information that would be readable by billions of people.

This is not the first time Ripple has talked about its plan to achieve partial carbon net-zero. They have previously announced that they will eliminate the use of cash within their network by making the Ripple currency a fully collateralized asset, and will look to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by using carbon credits as part of their project.

Ripple is a blockchain-based company that is focused on solving global financial challenges, and one of their main initiatives is the ‘Ripple Ledger’. This repository is designed to store all information related to a global carbon net-zero economy.. Read more about ripple announcement today and let us know what you think. San Francisco-based Ripple plans to make its entire business carbon neutral by 2030. The company unveiled its plans for the next ten years, during which it aims to achieve zero carbon emissions. The company’s main goal in achieving zero carbon is that it wants its contribution to support the sustainability of the cryptocurrency industry. The US blockchain payments giant has unveiled its future carbon neutrality plans, saying it will partner with the Rock Mountain Institution, Energy Web (an energy-focused blockchain project) and the XRP Ledger Foundation (a non-profit). The goal of these partnerships is to use the open source tool EW Zero to help decarbonize public blockchains. In addition, the company says it is working with several major universities to identify the energy used in transactions involving digital assets, cash and credit cards. The company also stated: We are investing more resources in initiatives that accelerate industry efforts, including :

  • Comprehensively measure and reduce Ripple’s carbon footprint by purchasing clean, renewable energy for all our offices and operations worldwide.
  • Invest in innovative carbon removal technologies to eliminate all remaining emissions by 2030 – and introduce the next generation of decarbonization technologies across the country.

Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s largest digital asset by market capitalization, is already facing criticism in the cryptocurrency community over the issue of energy consumption. The CEO of Tesla recently announced that it would no longer accept bitcoin payments for this reason. Therefore, Ripple is trying to reduce its impact on the environment. The blockchain giant is also accused of causing confusion over bitcoin’s power consumption.On Tuesday, September 11, a conference called “Ripple” took place in San Francisco, California, where many of the largest cryptocurrency companies gathered to talk about the future of blockchain technology. One of these companies is called “Coop,” which is a blockchain startup that operates a currency called “Corion.” This currency has a net-zero carbon footprint, and in order to achieve this goal, the company has created a platform called “Radar,” which will eliminate the use of fossil fuels for electricity generation.. Read more about xrp new partnership and let us know what you think.

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