TDX Strategies Raises US$2.5 Million in Series A Strategic Financing Round Led by Transcend Capital Partners

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TDX Strategies Raises US$2.5 Million in Series A Strategic Financing Round Led by Transcend Capital Partners


5th January 2022, Hong Kong, PRC Chainwire

Transcend Capital Partners led a Series A fundraising round for TDX Strategies is a company that specializes in TDX, which closed today. This round included Gobi Partners, Baboon VC, Double Peak Group, and a number of individual strategic investors. Alameda Ventures and IWM Ventures are among the existing investors. This additional funding will help TDX Strategies build novel digital asset investing solutions and expand its regional reach for product distribution. 

TDX Strategies, as a leading institutional derivatives platform on digital assets, has seen widespread adoption by a wide range of client segments, including hedge funds, corporations, family offices, and high net worth individuals, resulting in significant growth in transaction volumes and a 1,200 percent increase in the value of derivatives traded on the platform compared to a year ago. The firm anticipates that the rate of growth will continue to go up. 

“Since 2019, TDX has been on an extraordinary adventure, assisting customers in growing their digital asset investments via the use of derivatives, and we’re only getting started.” While institutional and public use grows, digital assets have become an important element of a well-diversified portfolio. We are delighted to welcome our new investors and their unique blend of experience, skills, and strategic support, which will help to underpin the company’s next phase of expansion.” TDX Strategies’ Founder and CEO, Dick Lo, explained. “With a product roadmap that is steadfastly focused on providing optimum risk-adjusted returns for clients through better methods to access this fast-evolving market, we will invest considerably in product innovation and technology.” 

“TDX’s track record from inception has proved the redible work TDX has done to fronting the expansion of structured products in the digital asset industry,” stated Winnie Leung, Managing Partner, Transcend Capital Partners. Few teams can position themselves as well as the team at TDX, whose decades of combined expertise covering derivatives and exotic products at prominent investment banks informs the very rigorous risk management approach they use to managing the products they provide. We believe in the disruptive potential of fresh demand and diversified leadership at Transcend Capital Partners. As a result, we are ecstatic to be partnering with TDX as they make tremendous strides in the digital asset investing ecosystem.” 

“TDX has established itself as a category leader with its cutting-edge goods, competent staff, and trustworthy reputation,” stated Bohan Zheng, Investment Manager at Gobi Partners. We’re thrilled to be partnering with TDX, as their cutting-edge cryptocurrency-based structured products usher in a new era of institutional digital asset investment.” 

“We are really thrilled to be investing in TDX’s Series A,” Alex Cheung, Founding Partner, Baboon VC, said. Dick and his team have a stellar professional track record and great competence in developing and implementing investment products and strategies, combining their considerable experience in conventional markets with their digital asset knowledge. We have a lot of trust in the team and are looking forward to not just participating in, but also playing a key role in the TDX platform’s future development.”  

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TDX Strategies is an institutional-grade investment solutions platform that serves funds, corporations, family offices, high-net-worth individuals, and professional traders with a range of cutting-edge digital asset products. 

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