What is AC Milan Fan Token? How Do You Buy ACM?



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Using $CHZ, our in-app money, you may buy $ACM Fan Tokens straight from the Socios.com app. When you go on vacation, think of $CHZ as a foreign currency. You must first purchase $CHZ before exchanging them for $ACM Fan Tokens. You may buy $CHZ using either a debit or credit card.

Similarly, What is AC Milan fan token?

($ACM) Fan Tokens The $ACM Fan Token will allow you the ability to influence the Rossoneri’s choices, have access to VIP events, acquire official merchandise, and more. “Through this relationship, we are able to provide our 450 million global fans with another another fascinating option to engage with AC Milan.”

Where can I buy Inter Milan fan tokens?

App Socios.com

Where can I buy UFC fan tokens?

App Socios.com


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