What is AIOZ Network? How Do You Buy AIOZ?

How do I get a MetaMask for AIOZ?

– How to utilize MetaMask with $AIOZ. -Go to https://aioz.network/dashboard and double-check that the MetaMask is connected to the proper network (Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain) and that the correct account is chosen (wallet address) -Go to the $AIOZ Dashboard website and click the button.

How much is AIOZ worth?

% Change -0.0465121-18.96% for 90 days

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Can you stake AIOZ?

Secure the AIOZ Network and get rewards by staking your $AIOZ.

How does AIOZ node work?

AIOZ uses Blockchain to improve content delivery by decentralizing it. Instead of typical data centers that operate on a peer-to-peer architecture, a distributed Content Delivery Network (dCDN) employs Nodes to store, stream, and transmit data. 03.03.2021

Is AIOZ an ERC20 token?

ERC20 Token AIOZ Network (AIOZ) on Ethereum Mainnet.

How do I get an Atari token?

How can I get my hands on an Atari Token? A. Standard cryptocurrencies including as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash may be used to purchase tokens in the pre-sale. You will get a voucher for the number of tokens you purchased during the pre-sale, which you may use when the Token is live.


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