What is Ethereum Push Notification Service? How Do You Buy PUSH?



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Can you create your own notification channel on Epns?

Developers and Web3 project owners may use the EPNS dApp, JS Library, or custom libraries to construct channels. Subscriber: A person who receives updates from EPNS channels after subscribing to them. EPNS uses an opt-in paradigm for subscribers, which means that channels may only deliver alerts to those who have opted in. 20.05.2021

On which platform can you use Epns service?

The Ethereum Push Notification Service is a service that allows you to get notifications from Ethereum (EPNS) Any dApp, service, or smart contract may utilize the protocol to provide platform-agnostic alerts to users (mobile, tablet, web, user wallets, etc). 20.05.2021

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When any service sets up a channel on Epns how much do they need to deposit into a common staking pool?

DAI 50

How do you clean Epns?

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