What is GAMEE? How Do You Buy GMEE?



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But then this question also arises, What is GMEE Crypto?

The GAMEE ecosystem’s ERC-20 token, GMEE, was developed on the Ethereum network. GAMEE Arc8 users will be able to participate in game competitions and purchase and sell GAMEE NFTs such as G-Bots and Game Parcels via GMEE.

Where can I sell my GMEE?

KuCoin allows you to trade GMEE. Create an account on https://www.kucoin.com/ and search their market list for the GMEE/USDT pair. You’ll be able to purchase GMEE tokens using USDT the same way you can on most exchanges once you get there.

Is GMEE a coin?

GMEE is a utility coin built on Ethereum that uses Polygon as its L2 scaling solution.

How do I transfer from GMEE to Metamask?

– Choose the Polygon Network option! – Select “Import tokens” from the drop-down menu. 0xcf32822ff397Ef82425153a9dcb726E5fF61DCA7 is the address of the token contract. GMEE is the symbol for the token. 18. Token Decimal – To confirm, click “Import Tokens“! You’ll be able to view your Polygon GMEE tokens if you do this!

How many naira is 1pi?

1000 PI is now worth NGN 2,709.33 at 7:19 a.m.


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