What is Polychain Monsters? How Do You Buy PMON?



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Similarly, What is Pmon crypto?

The Polyverse is managed by the $PMON token, which is a hyper-deflationary asset utilized for booster pack opens, farming, and the impending play-to-earn games. With each booster pack opened, 40% of each $PMON is burnt indefinitely, resulting in an ever-dwindling total supply.

How do you trade Polkamon?

– Begin the trade by going to the Trainer Profile’s Friends page and choosing the person you want to trade with. – Select the Trade option and invite your buddy to participate in the trading session. – Select the Pokemon that you want to exchange. – Tap the Confirm button to confirm the transaction.

Is Pmon a Binance?

Today is a watershed moment for Polkamon, as the BEP20 version of PMON has gone live on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

What are the activities of Pmon?

Process Control Process Control (PMON) When a user process fails, the process monitor (PMON) executes process recovery. PMON is in charge of cleaning up the database buffer cache and releasing resources that were previously used by the user process.

How much is Polychain worth?

The price of Polychain Monsters is $4.19. Change in 24 hours $0.1939 4.86 percent Trading Volume$1,278,171.04 48.10 percent 24h Low / 24h High $3.97 / $4.57 Volume / Market Capitalization 0.08951

How much does trading a shiny cost?

Good Friend Pokémon (1 Day) Ultra-Friendliness (30 Days) – Standard Pokémon (100) 8 Shiny or Legendary Pokémon (100) (Owned) 1600 Shiny or Legendary 20,000 Shiny or Legendary (Unowned) 80,000,000,000 1,000,000

How much stardust does it take to trade giratina?

Special Trading is restricted to one transaction per day and costs 40k Stardust each deal. 25.03.2021

Can you trade Darkrai?

In Pokemon GO, Can You Trade Mythical Pokemon? No, that’s the solution. Darkrai, like all of the other limited-time legendaries, is labeled Mythical, which is a fancy way of saying “special event Pokemon.” Unfortunately, the only way to get them is to participate in the event while it is still going on. 01.11.2019

How many Polychain monsters are there?

These planets are home to 11 distinct Polychain Monster species, which are NFTs with a variety of unique characteristics, including color, horn, and glitter.

How do you get colchian Unidragon?

When you stake your PMON tokens, you’ll get a one-of-a-kind Colchian Unidragon to symbolize your investment. The Colchian Dragon was a gigantic, attentive snake that guarded a golden fleece in the holy grove of Ares in Colchis, according to Greek mythology.


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