What is the Grand Challenge Forward Protocol solves?

Gordon James


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Half the world still lacks access to the internet, freely available information and solutions to change the quality of their lives at a local level. They do not have the resources to address the real challenges facing their communities.

There are two major problems

  1. Education has not been democratised
  2. 50% of the information on the Internet is in English, but only 20% of people speak English.

In any business, we need to ask ourselves these questions:

  1. What problem can we solve?
  2. What opportunity is created by solving this problem?
  3. Which solution will solve the problem and provide an opportunity?

Reading Peter H. Diamanda’s book in 2015 prompted me to look for the great global challenge ahead. My journey over the past six years has brought me to this point:

The question that was bothering me: What is the big challenge that Advanced Protocol can solve?

  1. The challenge that the Forward Protocol addresses is how to provide access to world-class education for the one billion people in the developing world.
  2. This challenge provides an opportunity to learn more at the local level about how to address issues such as climate change, agricultural issues, energy issues, financial issues, trade issues, etc. in real time.
  3. The blockchain-based education platform provides a democratic educational opportunity, rewards participants and motivates them to excel with the Earn as you learn model.

Why is this important?

Creating a child-friendly learning environment is an essential part of the educational process. In many countries around the world, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, children are often crammed into overcrowded or dilapidated classrooms, or have no classroom at all and learn outside under a tree. Add poorly trained and unmotivated teachers and the result is substandard education. Forward Protocol provides a platform to earn while you learn and connects students from disadvantaged countries with the world’s top education experts.

From politicians to journalists to the privileged, many argue that education is a great socio-economic equalizer. It is said that going to school gives everyone the career opportunities needed to overcome and eliminate oppression.

But education is not a great equalizer.

How can children learn and compete in the global marketplace without a classroom? It is said that learning can take place anywhere, even under a tree. There are difficult circumstances, but you can’t get a good education without the right tools. A roadmap provides the tools for a world-class learning experience.

In many developed countries, we expect our children to be in a class of 25 students. If there’s a little more, we complain, but we let it go. We expect our schools to be clean and safe for our children. It doesn’t even take into account the lack of running water or toilets.

In Malawi, on the other hand, there is an average of 130 children per class in grade 1. The problem is not only the lack of classrooms, but also the lack of all the basic facilities that a school should have, such as running water and toilets.

A progressive protocol gives students access to the tools and resources they need to succeed in school, and enables teachers to improve their students’ skills and contribute to world-class education. Writing an advanced protocol involves asking many questions, classifying and categorizing the answers, and translating them into technical language. All of these questions and answers are supported by a loyal community of 300 million members who have never received a penny for tutoring English language learners. 100% organic site.

It is important to use technology to equip students with 21st century skills. Teaching and equipping 21st century students to prepare them for their jobs, for example. B. analyze and summarize large amounts of information online and work in groups and solve problems. English Forward teaches students English and connects them to online educational resources. The Forward protocol allows them to make money from learning English, creating real financial value in the education process.

Practical solutions. Democratized education. A real financial incentive. Addressing problems at the local level through education. Enhanced protocol.

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