What is XCAD Network? How Do You Buy XCAD?



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Similarly, What is XCAD network?

XCAD Network is a worldwide network that uses Creator tokenization to capture the power and value of Content Creator audiences, enabling viewers to earn incentives and influence Creator choices using a plugin that works directly on YouTube.

Who created XCAD?

Oliver Bell, the founder of XCAD Network, is at the forefront of the Watch-2-Earn revolution. Oliver Bell founded Xcademy as a site where individuals could learn how to become YouTube celebrities. He helps individuals make money by viewing videos on Xcad. 6 days ago

Who owns XCAD?

“When we began discussing our vision for Xcad Network with both Mr Beast and KSI, they leaped at the possibility to become part of the project,” said Oliver Bell, CEO and co-founder of Xcad Network. 20.05.2021

Can you stake XCAD?

You may now receive XCAD incentives by staking XCAD + BUSD on BSC.

What does Joel Morris do now?

On Companies House, Joel Morris is registered as a director for the online education platform firm Xcademy Limited, however this is not the same as Xcad Network, which is situated outside of the UK. 02.07.2021


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